You've gotten the coveted seat next to the window on the right side of the bus, and now you're careening down a road that's not quite wide enough for two vehicles and -- just to make things more interesting -- is somehow carved into the side of a cliff. A few hundred feet below is the blue-green Mediterranean sea. Every so often, the bus driver leans on the horn, and then the bus lurches impossibly to the right or the left, negotiating a narrow turn. That blast of the horn was to warn anyone unfortunate enough to be coming the other way that they'd better yield.

The only comfort you can find on this ride, aside from the spectacular scenery, is the fact that the narrow stretch of beach that seems so far away is remarkably devoid of the remains of crashed buses. Finally, after the best bargain thrill ride ever, you arrive in Positano, a town that utilizes every square inch of the sloping cove along the Amalfi coast.

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