The Obligatory Links Page

Yeah, we've got one of those!

Cricket Studio

Sylvia Lutnes is one of those old friends I haven't talked to in decades. She used to run the Cricket Cage, which begat Cricket Studio, which features wonderful renderings.


Wine Spectator Online Need to find a good wine for ten bucks? Twenty bucks? Try Wine Spectator's searchable database.

Bonny Doon Vineyards - Great wine, and a fun site. When I grow up, I want to have a Web site just like this one!

Coffee: Resources for home espresso
An essential stopping-off point for coffee junkies like myself.

Network for good

The Internet Movie Database
Want to know who starred in that movie with what's his name? Find it here!

WxUSA - Weather links WxUSA - Weather links for over 1295 (oh, I'm sure it's more by now!) US cities


The Random Quotations Page
This page features Michael Moncur's extensive collection of quotes for all occasions.


Netsurfer Digest Looking for new and interesting Web sites? This weekly 'zine is a must. Even if they haven't ever reviewed us.

It can be sick, and it can be sophomoric, and it's sure to offend somebody, but it's almost always funny.The Onion, America's Finest News Source


Things change on The Internets, much like things change on Main Street. When I first started listing my favorite links back in 1995, you could still get a reasonable dot-com name, and all the links on this page worked. Sadly, a lot of old friends have closed their doors and moved on. I've updated some things and left others up for posterity, so remember: nothing in life is guaranteed.


Tonguemonster Bill Graham (no, not that Bill Graham!) is seriously demented. Sadly, the website he ran - where Tonguemonster and other creatures could be found - is no more. Enjoy the picture.


Traveling to Latvia? Lower Sorbia? Burma, perhaps? You might want to know what they're really saying about you, and you might want to be able to say something in return. This site features dozens of slang dictionaries, each of which contains those words not easily found in most language dictionaries. The Alternative Dictionaries


Talking Points Memo
Film At Eleven
The Shrill Blog

  Don't take the media's word for it. Check with the media watchdogs:

Columbia Journalism Review
The Daily Howler
Media Matters for America - the webmaster's reference library One of the best places to learn about the Web and webmastery. This site offers a searchable directory of the best sites plus high quality content, free Web services, and hourly Web news. Webreference makes keeping up with what's happening on the Internet easy. A must bookmark for Web developers

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