Q So what is Grounder Productions?

A Grounder Productions is a fictional company selling imaginary goods and services and campaigning acrpss America to save the Grounder.

Q Grounder? Like the thing in baseball?

A Not at all. A Grounder is a mythical animal whose antlers are bigger on one side than the other, resulting in its distinctive head-down-and-to-one-side stance while walking and running.

Q Ah. So you got this website to celebrate the Grounder?

A Correct.

Q You must have registered this domain a long time ago, right? Because all the simple one-word domains like "Grounder.com" were snatched up a long time ago.

A Well... A long time ago in Internet terms, but not so long ago in mythological terms.

Q Got it. Hey, while I'm here, I'm having a hard time finding romance online. Can you help me out?

A Nope. If you want advice on cyber romance, you need to Ask Dr. Cyberlove.




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